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Hello, Oregon small business owners!

Finn here, owner of Presto Web Design & your local web wizard. I am going to share my thoughts on digital marketing & web design related topics here. These are tailored to other small business owners and those who are in need of an online presence – whatever it may be!

Today, I want to discuss an important topic: building your own website. Should you hire a designer, or build it yourself? Although building websites is how I make my living, I will be the first to state that you do not necessarily need a web designer – depending on your project and budget.

I could make a whole separate article on the types of projects that should get a subject matter expert, such as myself involved. However for this post we are going to simply discuss the pros & cons to web builders and if you use one – which to go with.

Top 3 Reasons To Build Your Own Website:

1) Cost-Effective

The first reason is a clear one – costs. Creating your own website can be cheaper at first. There are many DIY website builders that offer free or low-cost templates that can get you up & running after a weekend of work. This can be a good option for businesses just starting out, but remember to factor in the ongoing costs and limitations of these platforms! Here is a great article comparing the various popular DIY Builders online.

2) Control

By making your own website, you have full control over its design and layout. This allows you to design a site that represents your business uniquely. Perhaps your website is nothing more than a ‘digital brochure’ that needs very little other than some nice images, a phone number to call, etc? In this situation, making a website yourself is a great option. Keep in mind that if any technical issues come up with the website, however, that you will also be in control of fixing that!

3) Educational

Building your own website can be a great way to learn about web design and online marketing. It can give you a better understanding of how to manage your online presence. The more you know about marketing, the better – there is no way around that. Building your own website will come with it’s headaches and frustrations… but you will certainly learn a lot not only about online marketing in the process!

Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Designer

1) Time Consuming

Building a website takes time, and the more new to website design you are – the more time it will take. Not only will it take you time to build and set up, but you will need to regularly update the software, SSL, etc. for your website to keep it secure and free from cyber attacks. Plus these issues take place all hours of the day, who wants to learn how to fix a broken website at 12:15am (I say this from experience fixing websites at that time!). Hiring a website designer gives you that valuable time back. One of my favorite things as a web designer is taking that stress of my client’s plate 😄. 

2) Limited Customization

Limited Customization: DIY website builders offer templates and easy-to-use features, but they often have limitations when it comes to customization. Your website might end up looking like many others, a cookie-cutter website that does not catch attention of your desired leads, and failing to convey your unique brand identity. While I consistently employ contemporary and professional design strategies across all my projects, my paramount objective is to convey the distinct brand identity that sets each client I collaborate with apart.

3) Risk of Unprofessional Appearance

A professionally designed website looks credible and reliable. If you build your own website, there’s a risk that it may look unprofessional or outdated. This could harm your reputation and affect your ability to attract and retain customers. Building websites that get more leads in your inbox and more customers at your storefront is what I do best. Although a DIY website is better than no website at all, a professional designer knows best how to consistently attract leads in the online world.


In Conclusion

While building your own website may seem like a cost-effective choice, it’s important to understand the potential challenges that could affect your online success. There are many situations where building your own website does truly make sense (and I am saying that as somebody who does this for a living!). However, if you do have any questions about your online endeavors – I’m here to offer my expertise and help you navigate these challenges. I understand the unique needs of small businesses in Oregon, and I’m ready to help create a stunning website that aligns with your brand and goals.

Don’t let the complexities of web design hold you back. Contact Presto Web Design today and let’s turn your online presence into a powerful tool for growth. We’re excited to work with you and help your Oregon business succeed online.

Remember, a website built by your local web wizard (That’s me ✨) is a website that impresses. Get in touch with us now and let’s get started!